Club Awards

The club recognises the significant achievement of three athletes at the end of the season through the award of our perpetual trophies. It’s a huge honour to be nominated for one of these prestigious awards and all winners receive a permanent trophy as well as their name on the main trophy.

  • The Junior Endeavour Award is for the U6-U8 age range and is given to someone that has not only done well in events but also has shown determination and perseverance. 
  • The Craig Sheppard Award is for the U9-U15 age range. This is a very prestigious award in honour of a former, very special member of the club in the mid 80s-early 90s. Seriously ill as a child with cancer, Craig spent a number of the first years of his life in hospital. Despite beating the cancer, his medication gave him a serious, life-threatening heart disorder. Against the advice of doctors he continued to compete to the nbest of his ability. Craig was talented enough to compete at State championships and he held several Oakleigh L.A records. 
  • The Oakleigh Centre Little Athlete of the Year Award is received by the outstanding athlete of the season. To be singled out as the club’s best means you have to work hard, perform and improve consistently, and have a strong, positive attitude. 


Season 2015-2016 Club Trophy winners:

  • Junior Endeavour Award: Megan Sheer (U8 girls)
  • Craig Sheppard Award: Ruby Burns (U10 girls)
  • Oakleigh Centre Little Athlete of the Year:  awarded jointly to Yanni Armatas and Oliver Green (U9 boys)



Season 2014-2015 Club Trophy winners:

  • Junior Endeavour Award: Yanni Armatas (U8 boys)
  • Craig Sheppard Award: Thomas Williams (U12 boys)
  • Oakleigh Centre Little Athlete of the Year:  Alinta Broby (U11 girls)


Season 2013-2014 Club Trophy winners:

  • Junior Endeavour Award: Aaron Brooker-Payne (U6 boys)
  • Craig Sheppard Award: Ashwin Mehta (U9 boys)
  • Ammache Real Estate Award (2014 only): Tesia Haggai (U8 girls)



Season 2015-16 Most Personal Bests - Boys

  • 1st place: Oliver Green (U9) - 32 PBs
  • 2nd place: Yanni Armatas (U9) - 29 PBs
  • 3rd place: Tomoki Harvey (U10) - 27 PBs


Season 2015-16 Most Personal Bests - Girls

  • 1st place: Olivia Woutersz (U10) and Megan Sheer (U8) - 29 PBs
  • 3rd place: Adele Fisher (U9) - 23 PBs


Season 2014-15 Most Personal Bests (one winner only)

  • Anastasia Donnellon (U8) - 25 PBs