Duty Rosters

In order to stage all the events on a weekly programme, we need lots of parent helpers. To make things fair, all parents are rostered on to help on a fortnightly basis. Without enough hands to help, we simply cannot run the events. A typical Saturday would need the following teams: Equipment set up, Canteen duty, Age Group Leaders, and Event Officials.

So you can imagine that to do all that, there has to be about 50 adults on hand to manage things safely.

When you are on duty, you should take your child over to the warm up area then report to the table in front of the pavilion at 8:45am. You will then be issued with a name tag and hi-visibility vest, plus your age group or event folder, depending on where you are on duty. You can choose a specific job or be allocated where you are most needed, it’s up to you.

You are on duty for the duration of the meeting but you should be done within a couple of hours. You’ll get to see lots of different children in action when on duty and you can always follow your own child around next time. If the same people help every week, they rarely get to watch their child compete, so have a heart and help out. You’re there anyway!

Note that for insurance purposes, we cannot allow a child to be left at the club without an adult that is responsible for them. If there is an accident or incident, we need the parent or guardian on the spot.

Explanation of Each Duty Roster

Equipment set up from approx. 8:15am

This requires four parents to prepare:

  • starting equipment and finish line/gates
  • both long jump pits (take off mats and cones, brooms, rakes, tape measures)
  • discus cages and shot put areas (discus, shots, tape measures and pegs, rakes)
  • high jump (mats and cross bar)
  • on track equipment
  • hurdles
  • shade tents
  • tables

Canteen duty from 9:00am

This requires at least three people to prepare:

  • bread, sausages, onions for BBQ
  • canteen set up, serving and final clean up
  • cooking on BBQ

Age group leaders from 9:00am

This requires one/two parents per age group to guide the children around their events. With approximately 14 groups of children, we need around 20 adults for this (some groups are smaller than others).

Event officials from 9:00am

We need about 22 parents to man the events as follows:

  • track start line: two starters/marshals
  • track finish line: three/four adults to manage the timing equipment, scan barcodes and marshal children through
  • two long jump pits: three people to measure, rake and record distances
  • two shot put areas: at least two people to measure, rake and record
  • two discus cages: at least two people to measure and record
  • high jump: two people to measure, record and reset cross ba
  • hurdles: at least three people to reset anyfallen hurdles
  • javelin: at least four adults to marshal, measure and record