OLAC Uniforms

Oakleigh athletes compete in a singlet top which are available for collection from the canteen on competition day.

We may have a limited supply of second hand uniforms for $10- $15, feel free to ask.

Uniforms can be paid for either by cash, eftpos or online via Paypal.

If paying with Paypal we request that you include your family name when completing payment and ensuring that the correct amount is used (this helps us track orders).  We are unable to provide new tops unless payment is confirmed.

To make payment use the following Link.

New uniform costs are as follows:

  • 1 x singlet- $35
  • 2 x singlet- $70
  • 3 x singlet- $105 etc

When competing 'away' our athletes are required to wear black shorts with no visible logos or open pockets.  Please note that these rules are strictly enforced at regional and state events.  Outside of this we have no 'official' requirement for shorts so a cheap pair from Kmart or Target is likely to be a cost effective option.